At Flawsome, our passion for making the world a prettier place drives us. Premium products like leather jackets, belts, wallets, shoes, purses & clutches and few more to count on are produced ensuring we make a few products but of the finest quality! Everything about us is based on 100% leather material to which we guarantee for life.


Entrenched in the year 2018, under the patronship of Mr. Diwakar Sharma we take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the finest & hand crafted suppliers of finished leather goods. Our products are uniquely designed & hand-crafted for they pass through our bare hands at every stage with great care. These products then go through stringent quality checks to ensure the superior quality products at a genuine price are delivered to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality as we go to lengths to make sure that each of the product that we deliver has quality written all over it.


With the knowledge of today’s Global Market Standards we understand the nature of requirements of our clients. We at Flawsome are able to deliver the products you want because of our long expertise of being in this business and closely monitoring the demand in today’s modern international fashion market.


Our genuine leather products are meant to last for generations and so are our relationships with our customers. We try to understand your needs and deliver nothing but “PERFECTION”. Test us! We are always willing to go to the extra mile in delighting our customers.


Disclaimer: No living animals were harmed in the making of this product. However, products are made only from dead animal hide.